We were able to enjoy Thanksgiving with both sides of my family on Thursday. We set ourselves up in a separate room and asked everyone that entered to wash their hands and put on antibacterial soap. Ambrosia was doing pretty good. A little whiney at times but she did allow others to hold her. She still was having some issues with vomiting and had been constipated for a couple of days. Later that night on the way home I stopped at Walgreens to get some Benadryl to help with her nausea as they had told me to keep some on hand for her in case we needed it. She had been getting Zofran for her nausea but in between times she could have the Benadryl. When we got home I called and talked to the Oncologist on call to ask the correct dosage to give. I gave her the Benadryl around 10 pm and she went to sleep.

At 4 am, I heard her start to cry on the baby monitor. I went immediately to pick her up and after I did she vomited. After turning on the light to clean her up, I realized that what I was wiping up was blood. I called the on call oncologist again and while I was on hold I proceeded to change her clothes and get myself together as I knew we would be going to the hospital. We were due to go in the hospital anyway at 8 am for them to check her numbers by doing a CBC. After talking to the on call doctor he did tell us to come on up to 7West (the oncology floor of the hospital).

We came on to the hospital and they got her settled and checked her platelet counts. Her count was down to 1 so they started a transfusion of platelets. After that was finished they also gave her a transfusion of blood. After they checked her numbers again, her platelets had only moved up to 2 so she got another transfusion. In the meantime, they also took a couple of abdomen x-rays just to see why she may have vomited blood. The xrays came back fine except she was backed up with stool. Her low platelet count can be to blame for the vomiting of blood. They gave her stool softener to help her pass what was in her since she hadn't gone in 2 days. Dr. Raj let us know she would probably be in the hospital at least until the next day as her ANC count was at zero as well.

So last night after sleeping for awhile on the bed, I heard Ambrosia wake up. I got up to feed her and sat in the chair that also pulls out into a bed. She was laying on the boppy in my arms and nursing. A while later, I woke up to a thump and realized Ambrosia had fallen out of my lap and onto the wood flooring. She wasn't crying, but I picked her up and began to nurse her again. I was really tired and still out of it. Not long after that the nurse came in to do vitals and I woke up enough to notice she had a bruise on her forehead. I then explained to the nurse what happened.

From there we turned on the lights to see the extent of the injury. She has a bruise above and slightly below her eyebrow. The nurse brought in the nurse practioner and they agreed she looked fine and was acting normally. The nurse practioner did however go ahead and let Dr. Raj know what had happened to make sure they didn't want any other tests run. He decided she needed a CT scan. After her CT scan, they saw there was some bleeding in front of her brain. They called the neurosurgeon to take a look at the scan. The nurse practioner that works with the neurosurgeon looked at the scan and said that they would monitor her to make sure there was no additional bleeding. We had to be moved to the PICU so they could really keep an eye on her. She has had a second CT and there have been no changes. We will be going for a third CT scan here in a couple of hours. If this one shows no changes we will not have to have any more until tomorrow.

Everyone has been really sweet and understanding in telling me that it could have happened to anyone. I've gotten a lot of hugs as well. It was an accident and my head knows that, but my heart hasn't caught up to my head yet. I am understandably upset with myself and for her. Especially as this is something that I caused unlike the cancer. I am not certain how long our stay will be this time in the hospital. As soon as the neurosurgeons clear her we will move back upstairs to 7West. She is still receiving platelet transfusions to get her numbers back up.

Please continue prayers for her.


11/24/2012 3:33pm

You know I will.....

11/24/2012 4:21pm

prayers for everyone....

11/24/2012 8:39pm

Anya, you are an amazing, loving, caring mom. My friends and family continue to pray for Ambrosia and her lovely family.

Audrey Graves
11/24/2012 9:03pm

As the mother of a severely handicapped child, I want to pass along something that took me a long time to learn. This applies to any parent, but especially parents of children in extreme situations. You do the best you can. Period. It is that simple. On any given day, given the circumstances surrounding you at that exact moment, you do the best you can. Then you move on to the next step of the problem and keep going. God knows you were tired. He knows each moment of this problem. Forgive yourself as he has already forgiven you. Prayers as always.

Jerry and Joanna Otis
11/25/2012 5:51am

Anya, you are so brave to share this difficult news. More than one time I have fallen into a deep sleep holding something in my hand, like a drink of some kind, only to wake up and find myself drenched because it had slipped out of my hand. You must feel totally exhausted at times and it's natural to fall into a deep sleep. Your blogs have shown what a great mother you are. So put it behind you. Forgive yourself. The Lord knows the circumstances and He is loving and kind. When we first heard the news we knew how badly you felt and were praying for you and still are! All our love and prayers.


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